経営理念 / Management Philosophy


We want to expand the circle of "family" through our products.


As we handle a wide variety of goods through our product sales business, we interact with many people.
These relationships are expressed in various ways depending on the angle from which you look at them.

売り手である私たち / Seller(Our company)
買い手であるお客様 / Buyer(customer)

商品を開発する私たち / We who develop products
それをカタチに変える製造者の方々 / The people who manufacture them into shape

企業を経営する人(経営者) / Executive
そこで働く人たち(従業員のみなさん) / employee

新しい商品を発信する私たち / We transmit new products
/ Followers who are exposed to new products they have never seen before

/ Customer service to follow up after the product
/ Customers who have used the product and had various opinions




Through our business activities, we have many interactions with people. When we consider these relationships, we aim to create a sense of "family" distance.

HANA in OZE-HANA is OHANA (family in Hawaiian)

We believe that the "family" is the smallest unit of a community, and that while we respect each other, we also communicate our important thoughts to each other.OZE-HANA will continue to run with the hope that our company and society will be a place where people can relate to each other with a sense of family in the various situations that arise in the course of our business activities.

Top Message

Top Message

野球に明け暮れた学生時代 / Student days spent playing baseball


I am an athletically inclined person who only played baseball when I was a student.I went to high school at Gifu Prefectural Gifu Commercial School, which has made more than 50 in the Koshien Tournament. When I saw my teammates, who later became professional baseball players, in their first year of high school, I was frustrated because their level was so different from mine, and I thought, "They are going to be baseball players". I could not become a baseball player, but I became a [firefighter] because I was good at exercising and simply thought it was cool.

ターニングポイントとなった30歳、災害現場での経験 / Turning point at the age of 30, an experience at a disaster area


As a firefighter and Paramedic, I have experienced many disaster situations.We received many thanks, but unfortunately, we could not save some lives. Firefighters are called to duty only after an emergency happens. Is there anything we can do before that? Is there anything we can do to be appreciated? To give shape to these thoughts, we founded OZE-HANA Corporation, a company that creates connections between people and things.

株式会社OZE-HANAを創業 / Founded OZE-HANA Co.


In these days of overflowing goods, there are good products, but there are also inferior products. Through this work, we believe that we can deliver good products to everyone, share joy and excitement, and make the future happy for everyone and everything involved, which led us to establish OZE-HANA Co.

代表取締役社長 尾関 宏友
CEO Hirotomo Ozeki

沿革 / History

創業 / Establishment
年商4億円 / The annual sales is 400 million

会社情報 / Company

社名 / Co.
住所 / Address
〒483-8066 愛知県江南市高屋町西町98番地 WEST98 107号室
129-1,nishinomiya,shimamiya,konan,Aichi,JAPAN (Post Code : 483-8066)
電話番号 / TEL
メール / MAIL
資本金 / Catital found
100万円 / 1 million